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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the limitations of the trial version?

A: There are no functional limitations in the trial version. The only limitation is the 30 days evaluation time limit. After 30 days, the program can still be used normally, but playing and processing will be restricted to the first minute of each audio file.

Q: How do I see my version number?

A: On the main screen, click Settings, then About Stereo Xtractor. You will see a small screen (the About Box) displaying your version number and license information.

Q: I want to place a link to StereoXtractor in my web site. Is there a PAD file for StereoXtractor?

A: Yes, you can get StereoXtractor PAD file (xml format) here:

Q: Will StereoXtractor installation write harmful files to my system directory? Do I have to reboot after installing StereoXtractor? Does StereoXtractor have spywares?

A: No, no and no. StereoXtractor does not write harmful files anywhere in your computer, does not have spywares and is not adware. StereoXtractor installation does not require a reboot.

Q: Does StereoXtractor main screen accept Drag & Drop?

A: Yes.


Q: I can't find where to place my license. I can't see any Register button. Can you help me?

A: Yes! On the main screen, click Settings, then About Stereo Xtractor. You will see a small screen (the About Box) displaying your version number and license information. Click on Enter License, at the bottom right of this screen and follow the instructions.

Q: My computer crashed and I can't find my registration data. Will I have to pay for another registration?

A: No, simply contact us and you will the data that you need. We may need some proof of your payment

Q: I want to use PayPal!

A: PayPal is available since Oct 2009 and you can use this option.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If you want a refund (cancel your registration with your money back), please contact us. Do not forget to inform something that lets us identify your payment. DO NOT DENY THE PAYMENT IN YOUR CREDIT CARD BILL OR BANK, because if you deny a payment that you really requested ("chargeback") you actually cause extra losses to us too. Refund is possible for payments made with credit card, if requested up to four months after registration, and for payments made with PayPal, if requested up to 60 days after registration. After you contact us, we will ask the merchant agent to refund you and you should be refunded in your next bill. However, we strongly suggest you to test the software extensively during 30 days and register only if you are sure it works well for your needs and you like it. StereoXtractor is trialware in order to allow you to know exactly what you are paying for. Please test StereoXtractor before licensing the program.


Q: Which format should I use for input? What do you have against mp3 and wma?

A: Always prefer uncompressed wav files as input. Do NOT use mp3 or wma as input, unless you have strong reasons to do so. Mp3 and wma use lossy compression, which changes the phase relation between left and right (among other changes). StereoXtractor needs this information to be correct for splitting the channels. If this information is incorrect, as it happens with lossy compressed formats, some undesired "bubble" and "ghost" sounds may be added to the final results.

Q: Is there any problem if I use lossy compressed formats for output?

A: No, there is no any problem. You can use lossy compressed formats for output as much as you want or need.

Q: I use Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and my computer freezes, shuts down or reboots when I am processing my files with StereoXtractor. What happens?

A: Check for bad contact between sockets and microchips on your computer (speciall memory and CPU). If your computer uses passive colling for the CPU, it may also be overheating due to cooler aging (the solution for this problem is replacing the cooler by a brand new one). StereoXtractor is a well-behaved application that runs without privileges, so it cannot shutdown a computer: Windows aborts StereoXtractor before anything bad could happen. For this reason, this kind of problem is always caused by hardware failure.

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